Too Frequently Asked Questions! 


Q: What is growth hacking exactly?

A: Growth hacking is a new way to market. Instead of spending money on advertising or a media budget, I can squeeze every dollar you have to maximize the reach. Through social media marketing campaigns, email outreach, and blogger partnerships I can guarantee business growth. Growth hacking is specific, it’s measurable, and it’s effective.


Q: So what exactly do you do? 

A: Great question, but I’ve got an even better answer. I grow your business through a few different methods.

  • Social Media Growth- Social media is the new way to market to a growing millennial generation that love to look at their phones and stay connected. I can grow your social media following in any and all of these avenues. Regardless of sales, this is a following you will have forever.
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Tumblr
    • Reddit
    • Youtube
    • And more!
  • Email Growth- Email is the most direct method for marketing. Most people check their Facebook every day, some people check their Instagram every day, but everyone checks their email every day, typically even multiple times per day. I will grow an email list for you that you can maintain forever.
  • Blogger outreach- I have a relationship with over 500 bloggers so if you want to get the word out about your business, look no further.
  • Strategic Partnerships- I have worked with several companies and have made numerous connections through Fount the app for entrepreneurs so I will be able to connect you with opportunities you normally wouldn’t have!


Q: Well are you available? You seem like a busy guy. 

A: Why yes I am! Luckily I’ve hired some staff that help out with things such as…

  • Graphic design
  • UX/UI design
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Hashtagging
  • Following users
  • Unfollowing users
  • Analytics
  • Etc!

So thanks to my staff and my lovely assistant, I am able to give attention to you when you need it!


Q: Yeah but it seems like you’d be expensive right?

A: Actually, depending on what you’re looking for I’m quite affordable. Everything I do is unique to your business so it will be a case by case basis. But you can rent me for an hour to brainstorm, a day to help you make a strong business plan, or for good- to manage your marketing.


Q: What if I have no budget?

A: Not a problem, I also like to mentor! You’re talking to the guy that created an app to help ambitious people get connected and bring ideas to life!


Q: So what’s the catch?

A: No catch! Contact me today.