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About Vincent

Vincent Vitale is a marketing and tech entrepreneur. Previously he has worked with big brands like Fox Sports and Nissan, startups like Focus@Will and Devslopes. He’s also successfully launched a website that amassed over a million hits in its first year. He currently growth hacks and manages marketing for a variety of startups, entrepreneurs, and companies. Vincent is heavily invested in entrepreneurship in his community. He co-hosts the “talking ventures” podcast/radio show streaming live in Laguna Beach Saturday mornings and runs an entrepreneur Meetup in Laguna Beach, California. He has recently created “Fount” along with his partner in crime, Evan Leong.

Fount is the iPhone app that connects entrepreneurs. Users can search for any specific skill they need such as graphic design, app development, web development, blogging, social media management, growth hacking, etc. Users can also post anything they need to a helpful community of entrepreneurs. Users can be referred by their friends for needs, or refer their friends. It’s that simple.


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Contact information

Phone: 313-929-3333


Skype: VincentPaolo




Meet Vincent Vitale

Vincent Vitale is a growth hacking expert who has in-depth experience in several different fields of business and marketing.

Vincent grew up in the greater Detroit area, has lived in Chicago, and graduated from the #1 journalism school in the galaxy (University of Missouri.) After graduation, he managed branding at Nissan’s corporate office while simultaneously honing his technical skills in the Irvine, CA start-up community. Now he is a growth hacker/social media expert for start-ups and small businesses, teaching them what they need to know to gain traction and make more money.

While attending his sophomore year of college at the University of Missouri, he grew his HowToStayFresh website to over 100k page views in only three months. The site eventually reached over 1 million unique page views in total and was co-founded by JT Kim.

Along with his partner in crime, Evan Leong, he has recently created a mobile app that connects entrepreneurs. Together they were featured on Location 180. The app has been extremely well received in the entrepreneur community. Since launch, Vincent has also become a co-host of the “talking ventures” podcast/radio show streaming live in Laguna Beach Saturday mornings. He also runs an entrepreneur Meetup in Laguna Beach, California.

 Download it here! Fount: Connecting entrepreneurs finally made easy


Services by Vincent

Vincent offers…

  • Consulting
  • Brainstorming
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Consulting
  • A 1 hour Skype session regarding your specifics
  • Graphic design
  • UX/UI design
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Hashtagging
  • Following users
  • Analytics
  • Rent me for a day to create your marketing plan
  • Connections to the right people

Get featured on the “talking ventures” podcast/radio show streaming live in Laguna Beach Saturday mornings.

Join the entrepreneur Meetup in Laguna Beach, California.

Join Fount! The ultimate community of entrepreneurs.



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Interview resources

Who is Vincent Vitale?
Why are you a marketing entrepreneur?
What kind of companies have you worked with?
What type of marketing do you do?
Were you always a marketing consultant?
What is growth hacking?
When did you first become an entrepreneur?
Have you ever worked in a corporate environment?
What other entreprenurial endeavors are you a part of?
Why are you a tech entrepreneur?


What is Fount?
  • An iPhone app used to easily connect entrepreneurs
How does it work? 
  • Users can search for specific skill sets
    • Graphic Design
    • App Development
    • Web Development
    • Marketing\
    • Growth Hacking
    • Blogging
    • Etc.
  • Users can post any skill they need to our community of entrepreneurs


Who is the target demographic? 

  • All entrepreneurs! Startups, freelancers, sidepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, small business owners, idea people, even members of big entrepreneur organizations

What language is the app coded in?

  • The app is Coded in Swift

What do you use for your backend? 

  • The backend of the app is on FireBase

Is the app available for Android?

  • It isn’t available for Android yet

Have you been funded?

  • It isn’t a funded company

How big is the team?

  • 2 Co-Founders
    • Vincent Vitale
    • Evan Leong

What stage are you currently in? 

  • We are currently garnering user feedback and refining our product to create the best possible experience for connecting entrepreneurs that need specific contacts.

The Story:

Evan Leong and I Founded Fount because the company we worked for was going through a corporate restructure and we were worried about being relocated, or worse, losing our jobs.

This came to a head one night when we decided to go out for some drinks.

After hours of talking, we both kept coming back to the realization that our dream “job” wasn’t really a job at all – it was to be entrepreneurs.

We began brainstorming and I told him about an idea I had for a business networking app geared towards entrepreneurs. The app would allow for a user to quickly search for someone’s name and get a load of details that would allow you to determine if they were all hype, or if they actually meant business.

This brainstorming session formed the basis for Fount – an app that connects entrepreneurs by proximity.

For instance, users could type in a keyword such as “graphic designer” and instantly a list of graphic designers would populate. Simple, clean, and effective.

It took us 5 months to find app developers through a friend of a friend thus validating the need for this app. They quit on us, so Evan took it upon himself to learn how to code and get our beta version in the app store. We have since been testing and gaining user feedback to create the ultimate app for entrepreneurs to get in touch with the contacts they need.

Photo gallery

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